Spa Specialists in Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa

Dana Baker

Spa Lead, LE, Lash Specialist

Dana Baker is a pivotal part of The Sanctuary Spa. Graduating from Capri College for esthetics in 2016, with extensive lash training from Borboleta Beauty, Dana is a master of all things esthetics and lashes. 

With the opening of our Marion spa in 2019, Dana has taken on the role of spa lead, in which she trains and cultivates many of our budding estheticians and lash artists. If there is one thing that Dana is more passionate about than esthetics, it is esthetic training. She truly loves being able to share her knowledge and expertise with others who are just as motivated as her.

In addition to her full schedule of services, Dana helps in the day to day operations of our beautiful second location. Living just minutes from the Marion spa she is always eager and able to help with all things needed for the spa. 

When not at the spa, Dana loves spending time with her boyfriend (Matt) and two children (Maddie & Meredith). Her obsessions with plants and rattan furniture almost rivals that of her passion for skincare.