Spa Specialists in Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa

Karla Smith


Karla Smith has been with The Sanctuary Spa since it’s opening in 2009. Karla’s strong desire to help others began her holistic journey in 2001 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Through her quest to learn & discovery more about wellness, Karla also developed her skills as an esthetician, receiving all of her training at Capri College in Cedar Rapids.

Before joining The Sanctuary Spa she co-owned a massage therapy practice in Marion, IA. This time really let Karla discover what she loves most about self-care. The intimate setting of The Sanctuary Spa has let her foster lasting & meaningful bonds with her guests.

Karla delivers unique, relaxing, and customized spa experiences for all of her guests.  She loves to be creative and really gets to know the people she serves to address their individual needs. As one of the first employees of The Sanctuary Spa, and over 20 years of experience, we feel so blessed in getting to share in her vast knowledge and skill.